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"Raising A Winner"

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“Raising A Winner” is a parenting guide to successfully navigating some of life’s most challenging circumstances. The guide walks you through several short real life stories in an effort to enhance your knowledge of parenting “How-Tos”. The books guide is based upon the authors twenty years of experience working with youth and young adults utilizing a theory referred to as the Grow and Go® concept. The theory resonates in the fact that children must experience some of the life’s hurdles in order to successful be able to grow up and prosper.

The Book "Raising A Winner - The Grow & Go Theory is a platform for the author to  provide special public speaking engagements at Midwest high schools and universities to share her life stories, knowledge and industry experience with parents and students to assist with college and career planning efforts. Please join us at one of our book signing events, career coaching sessions or parenting workshops.